What is Soothagel?

This review provides information about Soothagel, which provides soothing relief for mouth ulcers. The manufacturer states that this product provides a protective barrier around canker sore wounds so that they can heal faster. It is also ideal for helping denture problems, gingivitis and painful gums. They makers state that Soothagel mimics the mouths ability to heal naturally, however, they fail to expand upon exactly what this statement means. Soothagel, upon being applied, gently seals and heal the wounds over time. Soothagel has received praises for easing the pain that usually comes with ulcers, protecting against irritation, reducing inflammation and quickly healing ulcers in a very natural way. The ingredients in this product are stated to be a non-medicated ingredient that have been repeatedly shown in medical studies to restore the mucuous membrane that is found in the inner lining of the mouth. According to these studies because the gel works without any pharmacological effect, it’s especially suitable for treating sensitive zones like the gums and mouth lining. However, we were unable to discover exactly what this incredible ingredient is or the clinical studies that back up their claims.


After thorough research, I could not find the ingredients but it does state that the main ingredient is non-medicated (we took that to mean that the ingredients are natural, but it is not so clear).


The directions are as follows:

For Mouth Ulcers:

Apply a small amount of Soothagel directly onto the mouth ulcer 3 to 4 times a day using a cotton bud or clean finger. Do not rinse the mouth immediately after application

For Gingivitis:

Apply a small amount of Soothagel directly to the sensitive areas of the gums 2 to 3 times a day, using a cotton bud or clean finger. Massage the area thoroughly until you notice a satisfactory improvement

For Denture Rubs and Painful Gums:

Before applying dentures, gently massage a small amount of Soothagel into the gums with a clean finger every morning and evening, or more frequently if necessary.Repeat this process until you notice a satisfactory improvement.

Important tip:

Remember the importance of good oral hygiene and look after your teeth and gums as you would normally – but don’t rinse your mouth out immediately after applying Soothagel, as you may rinse away the benefits!


This product costs $ 19.14 plus $4.49 for shipping.

Possible Side Effects

We could not find a warning label or any adverse effects that could result from using this product. However, before using any product always consult a physician and discontinue use of this product if you encounter any negative reactions while taking it and be sure to immediately go to a doctor or a medical practitioner.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

If you change your mind, you may return your purchase for exchange or refund within 14 days without giving a reason. However, products must be returned unused in their original condition. Shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.

Bottom Line

This product has been known to work in some instances and it can treat a number of oral conditions, but there were others who wanted a more fast acting product. The ingredients, warranty or refund/return policy were not readily available so consider that before purchasing. As a result, we recommend that perhaps you keep looking for a different canker sore product to better suit your needs.

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