What is Safetec Oral Pain Relief?

Oral Pain Relief refers to a product of Safetec which claims that it temporarily relieves pain as a result of canker sores, toothache, gums sores, dental work, cheek bites, denture irritation and other irritations or minor injuries on gums and mouth. The manufacturer claims that it contains Benzocaine which is a pain reliever that works within a short time. Safetec specializes in personal care products and has distributor partners located around the world. They boast to have been marketing health and safety products for over 60 years.


We could not find the active ingredients of Oral Pain Relief on the manufacturer’s official website. After expanding our exploration, we found that the active ingredient in this formula is Benzocaine. This is found in the form of a gel and is used for treating pain from mouth and gum irritations, such as canker sores. As a local anesthetic, it temporarily numbs sensitive and painful areas.


The manufacturer has not directed how this product should be administered. Perhaps, instructions about its usage come on the label. We recommend that you check the label for instructions about its directions or contact your doctor for details.


We did not find the recommended retail price on the manufacturer’s official website. You can request for free samples on the manufacturer’s official website. Safetec’s team will match you with a full-time distributor who will contact you within 24 hours after you submit your request. Shipping takes 1-3 business days once an order is processed. On Amazon, a 0.75g pack of Oral Pain Relief containing 144 sealed sachets is selling for $13.90 with free shipping.

Possible Side Effects

We have not yet come across any adverse side effects linked to the use of Oral Pain Relief. However, we would recommend you to not use this product if you are allergic to benzocaine gel or other local anesthetics. Some medical conditions may also negatively interact with benzocaine. People on prescribed medication, pregnant, and breastfeeding mothers should contact a qualified medical care provider before using this product. You should discontinue using if your symptoms worsen or if there are no improvements.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

We did not come across any money back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with this product. This may indicate that this formula is not as effective as the manufacturer claims. We also did not find enough reviews to determine if the product is safe for the whole family. The reviews on the manufacturer’s official website are mainly for other products the company manufactures and not Oral Pain Relief in particular.

The Bottom Line

Oral Pain Relief may be helpful in alleviating pain resulting from canker sores and other mouth irritations. It is relatively cheap compared to other products designed for treating similar conditions. We did not find any adverse side effects associated with its use. However, this product has its downsides. The manufacturer has not indicated the main ingredients in the formula. It also doesn’t come with a money back guarantee for unsatisfied users. In addition, the manufacturer has not directed potential buyers on how it should be used.

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