What is Ricerfarma Gengigel Gel?

Ricerfarma Gengigel Gel is a product that is designed to treat mouth and gum disease through the inclusion of the ingredient hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in the oral tissues. The main aim of this product is accelerating the healing processes and preventing further infection in the oral cavity. It is normally used in periodontics, dental surgeries, oral hygiene and oral infection control.


The active ingredient in Ricerfarma Gengigel Gel is hyaluronic acid. It functions to replenish the lost hyaluronic acid in the oral cavity to facilitate the quick healing of affected tissues.  The manufacturer has not mentioned any other ingredients used in the making of this product. On the website, the manufacturer has indicated that it has superior bio-adhesion and strong chemo-physical properties which make the product work effectively and quickly when used.


There are no directions on how to use the product indicated by the manufacturer on the website. However, it appears that it can be used as a toothpaste which is pretty straight forward.


The price of the product has not been indicated on the manufacturer’s website. On Amazon, Ricerfarma Gengigel Gel costs $9.99 per pack plus you are offered free shipping to all parts of the US. There are no frequent deliveries that have been indicated on Amazon or any other online store. On Amazon, there is the option to buy in bulk.

Possible Side Effects

On the manufacturer’s website, no possible side effects have been indicated. The manufacturer indicates that the product is totally safe to use. Some reviewers on amazon complain of a burning sensation but this sensation disappears as one continues to heal. No precautions have been given to people using other medications, lactating, pregnant women and people suffering from other medical conditions. so it is good to inquire from the manufacturer before taking it.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

No return or money-back guarantee policies have been offered by the manufacturer. On the online stores where the product is being sold like Amazon, the manufacturer holds no responsibilities to replace wrongly shipped products or products that have broken seals. Amazon can change or replace products that have not been opened during the first thirty days of shipping the product.

The Bottom Line

The product has been given many positive reviews by previous and current users. Many claim that the product works efficiently producing results within the first three days. Some have even specified that it diminishes teeth discoloration and gum bleeding. The main drawback of this product is the fact that the manufacturer does not sell it directly on the website. There is also no money-back guarantee in place which may make people doubt the product before they order it.

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