As part of our review of mouth ulcer treatments we had a look at After RemeSense Dissolvable Film For Mouth Ulcers. The facts and our analysis are listed below.

What is After RemeSense Dissolvable Film for Mouth Ulcers?

This treatment is formulated to create a film over mouth ulcers and other oral abrasions (sores from cheek bites, tongue bites, etc). The manufacturer says its active film technology, helps to relieve oral pain instantly and speed up the healing of mouth sores. Once applied and the film forms over the sore, the maker says it performs three functions:

  • Creation of a protective layer over the sore area to prevent exacerbation of the sore
  • Instant alleviation of pain
  • Expedited healing

The product is relatively simple and easy to use. Each patch automatically sticks to the sore area and cushions it from further inflammation. The patch typically dissolves on its own in about 3 hours, but the time may vary depending on the amount of saliva in the mouth.


The main ingredients of this product are as follows:

  • Hyaluronic acid: Helps to heal oral tissues.
  • Bark extract of red mangrove: Helps to form a protective layer over the abrasion or ulcer.
  • Cellulose: Helps to create a strong barrier against inflammation.


Before applying the patch, make sure your hands are clean and dry. Do not touch the patch with your tongue.

Initially, the patch may feel very stiff and rough in your mouth, but it will soften after some time. It will eventually dissolve and, in the interim, give you much-needed pain relief.

For best results, avoid eating or drinking anything for an hour after application. You can repeat the treatment after a few hours if needed.


Each pack consists of 8 patches and is priced at $9.79.

Possible Side Effects

The film is intended for oral use only. It is recommended that children under 12 not use it without adult supervision. Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoiding using it.

If you are already taking medication it is best to consult your physician before using these patches.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Our analysis did not reveal any sort of guarantee provided by the manufacturer. So you are advised to consult a dentist or a general physician before using this product.

The Bottom Line

This product is said to provide instant relief from mouth ulcers, abrasions and many other oral conditions. In case of ulcers and abrasions, it creates a protective layer that helps to heal the sore. The patch also speeds up the healing process. As there is no guarantee offered by the manufacturer, it’s best to consult a doctor before using this product, as well as the retailer you buy from regarding return policy.

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