What is Oraldene Mouthwash?

Oraldene Mouthwash was created to heal mouth infections, bad breath, gum disease, mouth ulcers, and oral thrush. It is to be used as a mouthwash to eliminate infection and the pain associated with infections. The product is said to kill all the fungus associated with infections and keep them from coming back. This review is to be used to compare to other similar products for potential consumers of Oraldene Mouthwash.


Oraldene Mouthwash consists of the active ingredient hexetidine which is used as an antiseptic to gargle with so that infection is eliminated. It also contains azorubine.


The instructions of Oraldene Mouthwash are listed on the manufacturer’s website and the product’s label. Oraldene is used as a mouthwash to gargle with. It should not be swallowed. 15ml of Oraldene should be used with each gargle which should be performed 2-3 times daily.


A bottle of Oraldene Mouthwash that contains 100ml costs $5.76.

Possible Side Effects

Even though these side effects for Oraldene Mouthwash are rare, they do occur in a small percentage of consumers. It is important to take note of them so that you do not have any severe reactions.

  • Temporary numbness of the mouth.
  • Taste alteration.
  • Irritation of the tongue or mouth such as burning or soreness.

This product is not harmful for individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Children under six years old should not use. You should consult your physician if you are taking any other prescription medications.

Manufacturer Commitment

There is no information listed on the manufacturer’s website regarding a money-back guarantee or return policy. However, there are several positive customer reviews listed to prove that the product is effective. Many customers stated that this product helps with sore throats as well as bad breath. Some consumers are using it as an alternative to flossing their teeth. A few reviews stated that the product is great for throat infections and other mouth infections.

The Bottom Line

Oraldene Mouthwash is a product that seems to be effective when it comes to getting rid of mouth and throat infections. It eliminates bacteria from the mouth and throat, tackling infections from the root. This is an inexpensive product that has clear instructions on how it is to be used. There are several positive customer reviews which makes it easier for customers to make a wise decision to purchase the product.

There is no return policy listed on the manufacturer’s website which can be a pitfall when selling any product. There are several potential side effects associated with this product, even though the percentage is less than 2%. Customers may choose a different product that does not have as many potential side effects and has a valid return policy. This will make it much easier for consumers to decide as to whether the product should be purchased.

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