What is Orajel Film-Forming Canker Sore Gel?

Orajel Film-Forming Canker Sore Gel is meant to provide relief from pain caused by canker sores. It also plays a role in creating a protective barrier for canker sores thereby reducing the pain. Orajel Film-Forming Canker Sore Gel can work for several hours providing maximum relief to continue doing activities without any pain. It claims to be used as the best pain reliever in minor irritation and injury of the mouth and gums.


The product contains only two active ingredients. It contains Benzocaine 15% and Menthol 2%. Other ingredients include:

  • Polycarbophil
  • Alcohol, 76.4%
  • Ethylcellulose
  • Acesulfame Potassium
  • Water

The active ingredients are part of the ingredients that are used in the making of local anesthetics so they reduce pain sufficiently.


Orajel Film-Forming Canker Sore Gel comes with easy-to-follow instructions and precautions that every user should read before using the product. First, you need to open the tip of the tube on the score mark. If the tip has been opened during the time of delivery or prior to opening, do not use the product. Before you apply the gel, dry the affected area. Then apply the gel with a cotton swab or finger gently and allow it to dry for 30-60 seconds to harden and become a protective barrier.

Apply the film on the affected area and the film should stay there until you feel the pain again. You can use it up to four times a day depending on the frequency of pain occurrence. All children under 2 years old should be given the product only after doctor’s advice. If you are allergic to any local anesthetic drug, then you should not use this product. If symptoms do not improve after seven days of using the product, you should stop and seek doctor’s intervention.


The price is not indicated on the manufacturer’s website. According to our research, the product costs $7.9 on Amazon plus you get a free shipping on orders that exceed $49. The manufacturer has provided a list of genuine online stores where people can order the product. You can get a coupon on the manufacturer’s website so that you get special discounts when purchasing from the listed online stores.

Possible Side Effects

There are no possible side effects that the manufacturer has indicated. According to our research, we did not find any side effects mentioned in the reviews that were written by previous users. The manufacturer advises that in the event that one develops oral thrush, itchiness or hypersensitivity, you should immediately stop using this product and seek medical advice.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer provides coupons to get special discounts on the various online stores where the product is being sold. No refunds or guarantee policies are available on the manufacturer’s website. It is important to take note of any return policies from the supplier where you are purchasing the product.

The Bottom Line

The product works well based on the reviews that users have written on Amazon and Walmart. Many reviewers have indicated that it provides full pain relief when applied which allows people to carry on with their lives. The major drawback is that the manufacturer does not provide the actual price of the product on the official website. The prices on the other online stores range from store to store and so you will still need to do your research about where is the cheapest place to buy from.

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