What is Major Pharmaceuticals’ Oral Peroxide?

Major Pharmaceuticals’ Oral Peroxide is one of many remedies on the market for relieving cankers and mouth sores. This remedy claims to be an effective oral debridement agent and wound cleanser. Additionally, it boasts of the ability to relieve canker sores, minor wounds, gum inflammation arising from dental procedures or dentures, and mouth and gum irritations. Additionally, the product alleges it can help to eliminate mucus, phlegm, and other secretions arising from occasional oral sores.

This review seeks to examine the facts underlying this remedy to enable you to make a buying decision.


The main active ingredient that formulates this product is Carbamide peroxide.

Inactive ingredients include:

  • Citric Acid
  • Flavor – Mint
  • Flavor – Cinnamon
  • Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate
  • Sodium Stannate
  • Water


The manufacturer recommends using the product as follows:

  • Dosage: Adults and children aged 2 years and above should use the remedy up to 4 times per day after meals and before bedtime or per the directions of a medical expert.
  • Direct application: Apply a few drops directly from the bottle onto the affected areas then spit out the liquid after 2 to 3 minutes. You should not dilute the liquid.
  • For use as mouthwash: Place 10-20 drops on the tongue, mix it with saliva then swish the mixture around in your mouth over the area affected for a minute and spit it out.

Users under the age of 12 should be supervised while using the formula. You should consult a doctor or dentist if you need to administer it to kids below the age of 2.


We could not establish the price of this product.

Possible Side Effects

We found no adverse side effects accompanying the consumption of this remedy. However, the manufacturer warns against using it for more than a week without the approval of a dentist or physician. Additionally, the manufacturer warns against swallowing it or bringing it into contact with your eyes. The manufacturer also recommends discontinuing the formula and seeing a doctor if you experience swelling, fever, rash, pain, irritation, the redness worsens or the symptoms fail to improve after a week’s use.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

This formula has no money-back guarantee from its manufacturer. Also, we were unable to find any verified reviews.

The Bottom Line

Major Pharmaceuticals’ Oral Peroxide is an average formula that seeks to relieve mouth sores. The remedy comes with clear usage instructions. However, a potential buyer may still want to explore the competition for alternatives due to the serious shortcomings the product has. First, there is no indication of a manufacturer’s money-back guarantee. Second, it doesn’t have Good Manufacturing Practice Certification (GMP) to bear witness to its overall quality and safety.

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