What is Durham’s Canker- Rid?

This review is intended to provide information about Durham’s Canker Rid. Canker Rid is one of the leading canker sores treatment on the market to date. However it is not solely confined to treating canker sores, but it is ideal for treating mouth sores, ulcers and other related conditions. This product can be easily purchased online and there are many consumers who agree that it works, and it is one of the best products you will probably ever use.


After thorough research I could not find a clear list of ingredients but we know from the name that it contains propolis.


For canker sores inside the mouth, dry the affected area with a tissue, then use a q-tip to apply Canker-Rid directly to the sore. The pain from the sore will stop almost immediately.


Canker Rid is now being sold for $19.99 but there are discounts that are being offered.  Buy 3 or more for $18.95 each. Buy 6 or more  for $17.95 each and buy 12 or more for $19.95 each.

Possible Side Effects

After extensive research, I did not find any negative reactions as a result of using this product. However you should always consult a physician before using any product, and you should immediately discontinue using this product if you experience any adverse reactions.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Canker Rid comes with a full 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Bottom Line

Most reviewers had high praises for this product and many long term sufferers were very happy to report that this product actually worked and they were delighted to be put out of their misery. However, there were a few who claimed, that it did not cure the sores but they were grateful that it helped in lessening the pain that usually comes with oral sores. Unfortunately, there were others who did not see any changes at all; some claimed that the product left stains on their teeth and others claimed that it simply numbed the pain for a brief while but the product did not cure the sores as they had expected. In addition, it does not seem to have a readily accessible list of ingredients and this may pose a problem for those who may have allergies or serious illnesses. Before purchasing this product, you should weigh the pros and cons carefully, because there is always an alternative on the market.

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