What is CankerBoy’s Canker Sore Solution?

CankerBoy’s Canker Sore Solution is another product on the market designed to fight canker sores. This remedy claims it treats the root cause of canker sores by helping the immune system to regulate the production of TNF-α.

The aim of this review is to present the fact about this product, enabling you to make a smart purchasing decision.


The main ingredients that formulate this supplement are:


This supplement doesn’t come with any dosage instructions. This lapse can expose consumers to possible negative consequences from using too little or too much.


At the time we were checking the manufacturer’s website, the retail price for a 60-capsule bottle supply was $20. There is also a subscription option, to receive the product every two months, but it does not come with a discount.

Possible Side Effects

We did not find any adverse side effects accompanying the use of this product. However, the manufacturer warns that since it contains Vitamin B12, you may experience an energy boost similar to that of Vitamin B12 shots hence they advise taking it in the morning. Additionally, if you are pregnant, lactating or on prescription medications you need the permission of a doctor before taking this supplement.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

This product doesn’t come with a manufacturer’s money-back guarantee. Additionally, we saw no verified user reviews on the manufacturer’s website that could point to the effectiveness of this supplement.

The Bottom Line

CankerBoy’s Canker Sore Solution is another average product on the market that joins a long list of others seeking to offer relief from canker sores. The solution also comes at an affordable price. But the remedy has some fundamental loopholes that can give an interested buyer many reasons to explore the competition for better substitutes. The lack of dosage instructions is the first cause for concern because it forces the consumer to experiment with the supplement. The product also has no verified user reviews that can give a new user an idea of how well it works. The third lapse is the absence of a refund policy which leaves a buyer in a precarious position where they can lose their money if the solution fails to work satisfactorily. Lastly, it doesn’t have the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification that can attest to its general quality and safety.

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