Various types of food items, over the counter and prescription medications, and even dental appliance have been known to be the primary culprit in individuals developing a canker sore. While some everyday pain ointments and relievers can help minimize the pain caused by these sores, there are also some everyday remedies that you use with items typically found in your home that can also be of assistance. Some common suggestions include changing your diet to avoid certain food items that have known to cause even more pain when suffering from a canker sore, and to try some pastes made in the home, or even purchasing some products available over in the counter in your local drugstore.

Treating Mouth Sores At HomeLet us begin with a cursory discussion of what dietary changes can accomplish for you. If you will change your diet slightly to eliminate certain foods that are known to irritate existing sores in your mouth, you will almost certainly be a happy camper. Such food items include any foods that are spicy, salty, or high in acid content. Such foods can actually lengthen the amount of time that it takes the sores in the mouth to heal. Common culprits here include tomatoes, nuts, pineapple juice, fish with shells, and any food that contains vinegar.

There have been some individuals that have also noted that eliminating certain dairy products during the time they have a canker sore helps to minimize the pain as well, and even can work to prevent future canker sores.

Treating Mouth Sores At HomeYou might want to consider certain lifestyle changes as well. Individuals who develop canker sores repeatedly need to look for areas of their lifestyle that might be contributing to their onset. Begin by looking at your teeth brushing habits, in addition to how you floss. If you have a tendency to develop canker sores, then you need to be using a toothbrush that has soft bristles. You also want to use a brand of toothpaste that does not have the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate. This one ingredient has been demonstrated to cause canker sores in some individuals. Also, make sure to monitor your health when you have a canker sore. If a fever develops, you have any type of nausea, frequently vomit, or develop diarrhea, then you need to call the doctor and get some medical assistance. You also want to do this if your canker sore becomes inordinately large, or if it does not go away after 14 days.

Most canker sores will gradually heal themselves after about 7-14 days, with or without treatment. Because of this, please note that the remedies presented her are designed to help minimize the pain, and lessen the length of time that it will take the sores to heal. If you eat acidic food when a canker sore is present, for example, you will likely discover that the sore will take longer to heal. Because of these factors, make sure you learn the various ways that your canker sores heal better and implement those remedies to help you feel better.

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