Natural Treatments of Canker Sores – Dr. Weil

First, let us explore just what a canker sore is. These sores are quite painful and take on the form of an ulcer in the mouth. They most commonly develop on the inside of the mouth region, either the lips, under the tongue, or somewhere along the inside of the cheeks. Canker sores appear to be occur most commonly with adolescents or young people who are still in their twenties. There are certainly some treatments that can help speed up the recovery process and minimize the pain, but at any time it seems they can come right back.

 Treat Canker Sores NaturallyIt is also helpful to understand the symptoms of canker sores. They usually take on the color of either red or white. The sores themselves are the source of pain that feels like a burning sensation, and that pain will get worse if they come into contact by certain types of foods or beverages that are high an acid. An example would be orange juice, so it wise to avoid that particular beverage if you are suffering from a canker sore at the moment. Most canker sores will heal by themselves without any type of treatment. This will usually happen with 7 to 10 days. Sadly, there is no known remedy that will treat canker sores all of the time, and nothing works equally well for all people. As a result, it is helpful to understand some of the various remedies that have shown some success in others for reducing the pain, and then determining which works for you. One positive note is not mention that canker sores are not contagious, unlike cold sores that are.

 Treat Canker Sores NaturallyThere are some natural remedies that have been recommended over the years that you might want to try. One suggestion is to being taking a vitamin supplement everyday that contains the B-100 vitamin B complex. Another possibility is to make sure that the toothpaste you use down not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. This particular ingredient is known to cause canker sores in many cases, so consider switching to another brand of toothpaste that does not contain it. It has also been suggested that individuals who have canker sores should avoid foods that or spicy or acidic. In addition, it is helpful to not eat any foods that are sharp or abrasive. These include nuts, which have been known to irritate canker sores when they are present.

You can also take some elm power, of the slipper variety, and mix it with water. As an alternative, try sucking on elm lozenges. These are usually found in any drugstore and have been shown to help minimize the pain of canker sores in some individuals. One other helpful natural remedy to try is related to goldenseal mouth rinse. Put some warm water in a cup and mix in ¼ teaspoon of salt, along with a half teaspoon of the goldenseal powder. Swish around in the moth good, and hopefully the pain from the canker sore will be lessened.

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