Effective Home Remedies for Canker Sores, Mouth Ulcers

Many people develop cankers sores from time to time. These are mouth ulcers that actually take on the form of an open sore within the mucus membrane region of the skin under the lips, cheeks, or occasionally even on the roof of the mouth. Canker sores can also take up under the side of the tongue. The sores themselves are rather painful, but most of them are preventable.

Quick Canker Sore Home RemediesInjuries can often turn into a canker sore, such as accidentally taking a bite out of the inside of a cheek. Sometimes the immune system in the body can work overtime to attack cells in the mouth that are otherwise health, as opposed to going after viruses or bacteria. When this occurs, canker sores can also result. Some individuals who suffer from these sores are also found to be deficient in terms of certain vitamins or minerals. The most common among these are zinc, folic acid, B12, and iron. In addition, individuals who have developed an allergy to certain foods, or who consume foods that are high in acid, may also develop canker sores. Some of the foods that are believed to be culprits include chocolate, pineapple, oranges, coffee, strawberries, nuts, cheese, and eggs.

It is also believe that undue stress or hormonal changes in the body can result in canker sores. Also, certain varieties of toothpaste or mouth rinses can exacerbate the issue. People who have a disorder of the intestines, inflammatory bowel disease, or Chrohn’s disease also appear to be more prone to developing canker sores.

Quick Canker Sore Home RemediesSome cures have been proposed and are known to help with eliminating painful canker sores. Some of the possibilities include consuming at least three pieces of kiwi fruit per day, drinking up some goat’s milk that is not pasteurized, or even using a mouth rinse with Aloe Vera juice as its base. There are also some other cures that can be implemented with common items found in your home. Consider, for example, rinsing your mouth out with baking soda or even trying some salt water that is warm. Another suggestion is to place a very small amount of horseradish directly on the canker sore itself, or consuming tomatoes that are raw or actually drinking the tomato juice directly. Others have found some success in mixing together cinnamon and water, and then putting it in mouth and gargling.

Many swear by onions as being their best friend when experiencing the pain of a canker sore. It has been suggested to take a little raw onion and place it directly on the canker sore itself. Others use ice to do this, and still others have found some success in placing a little bit of cinnamon directly on the canker sore. Each of these methods has shown to help the canker sore dissipate more quickly. So, if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having a canker sore, you might as well try one or more of these home remedies. You will have nothing to lose, except the pain of course!

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