High Acidic Foods List

Many do not consider the pH value of the foods that they eat, but this measurement is important because it communicates the level of acidity in the substance itself. The lower the pH value, measured on a 14-point scale, the more acid is in the food or substance. A neutral or basic food substance will have a pH level of 7 and above. Our human bodies work to maintain a pH balance that regulates the level of acid and alkalinity that is present inside the body. Having a high acidic level does not necessarily indicate one’s life is in danger, but there are some lingering health related symptoms that could certainly result. Some common examples of this would be having a lower than normal level of energy, becoming easily fatigued, expressing irritability, having regular headaches, and the development of dry skin. If these symptoms are present, eating foods that are high in acid may lead to a worsening of health related issues, so knowing which foods to avoid can be extremely useful information indeed.

Foods to Avoid with Canker SoresLet us begin with vegetables. Some commonly consumed vegetables that have a low pH level, meaning a high level of acid, include winter squash, olives, lentils, and corn. By way of example, corn is particularly acidic with a pH of 5.2, with lentils contain a pH level of 6.3 and olives 6.0. While these vegetables are certainly healthy in many ways, such as containing large amounts of fiber and other nutrients, they might be best avoided if you are trying to lower your overall acidic level.

Perhaps not surprisingly, some fruits have high levels of acid. Some of the biggest culprits include currants, cranberries, and blueberries.

Also, canned and glazed fruits contain low pH levels as well. The acid in canned and glazed fruits comes from the sweeteners and preservatives that have been added during the canning process itself. Note that blueberries come in with a pH level of 3.3, and cranberry juice has an even lower pH level of 2.3.

Foods to Avoid with Canker SoresCertain baked goods and grains that have been processed also have high acidic levels. Examples here would be white rice, various kinds of pasta, baked biscuits, white bread, bagels, all kinds of doughnuts and pastries, and crackers of various sorts. Interesting to note here is white bread has a pH of 5, and white rice comes in at 6.0. Dairy products are not immune from containing high levels of acid, as milk, cream cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, and hard forms of cheese all contain pH levels below 7. American cheese, for example, has a pH of 5 and milk 6.4.

Note that it does not matter if you consume the non-fat or whole-fat varieties of dairy products, as they will all contain a high acidic level.

Finally, note that some nuts and oils have high acidic levels as well. Foods to note in this area include pecans, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, and pistachios. Pecans and walnuts have a pH level of 5.4. In addition, olive, sesame, sunflower, corn, and canola oils also have high levels of acidity.

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