A Pain in the Mouth

Millions of people are affected by canker sores. For many of these people, the sores themselves only rear their ugly head occasionally, but for many others they seem to be a constant malady that keeps reappearing. The cause of canker sores is still unknown, even though certain things are believed to affect their development. In fact, there are some various factors that are well known to trigger canker sores and result in their development.

Dealing With Mouth PainBiting the tongue is one way that some individuals develop a canker sore. Other events that are believed to cause canker sores include biting the inside of the cheek or lip area, actually cutting the gums or the mouth region with some type of food that is harp, allowing dentures or braces that simply do not fit to remain in the mouth (such devices can irritate the inside of the mouth area), and even brushing with too much gusto can bring on canker sores. There have also been studies conducted that allude to the reality that canker sores seem to occur in people who do not consume enough of the following vitamins and miners: folic acid, iron, or any of the B vitamins.

For these people, it is suggested that they take some type of vitamin supplement, or that they change their diet to ensure they are getting enough of these important vitamins and minerals.

Dealing With Mouth PainOther people apparently develop canker sores as an indirect result of the foods that they eat, or even because they have some type of food allergy. Understanding this can help a great deal because the individual can work to eliminate the offending food item from his or her diet. Doing so has been shown to minimize the risk of developing a canker sore. In order to determine which food item is the likely cause, you might need to begin writing down the food that you eat and try to notice patterns of the sores developing after consuming a particular food item.

Some of the more common foods that have been known to cause canker sores include pineapple, shellfish, nuts, tomatoes, chocolate, nuts, and mustard.

People who tend to develop canker sores also might want to check their brand of toothpaste. Make sure that is does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate as this chemical is associated with the onset of canker sores. A simple fix here is, naturally, to change your toothpaste to one that does not contain this particular ingredient. Also, it would be helpful for individuals who develop canker sores to minimize the stress that they have in their lives. Stress has been shown to have various effects on the body, most of them negative, and this includes possibly contributing to the development of canker sores. People who lead a busy and demanding life have been known to be at a higher risk of developing such sores, so this is certainly to keep under consideration. The bottom line is that canker sores in the mouth are painful, so work to try to do your part to eliminate areas of your life that might be contributing to their development.

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